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New PS LED TIGER Sharp Zenigata EVAL Kit

Our newly designed EVALUATION Kit control for Sharp TIGER Zenigata LED provides you an easy lighting presentation.

The EVALUATION Kit includes:

  • LED Control Gear / LED Driver
  • Mounted TIGER Sharp Zenigata on LEDengine with passive cooling and LEDiL reflector: LENINA
  • Power Supply 48Vdc
  • Power Cord
  • Control panel with 3 push buttons.

You can simplely change the color balance  during dimming by pressing the buttons on the TIGER Control Panel. Because our control panel is not compulsory therefore you can also control it by connecting your own push buttons or potentiometer to PS-LEDDC-25-25-T LED Control Gear.

PS-LEDDC-25-25-T has a fully automatic sensor that can detect the connected push buttons or potentiometer. 

Find out http://www.power-systems.de/produkt-details/?product=1230more Data sheets and details, please click here.


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