Open frame, industrial case and open card

Power Supplies are much easier to use and have a better value compared to built-in supplies. Because of its sophisticated design and use of high-quality componentsour power supplies have reached the up to date industrial standard. With the already conducted security certifications for our power suppliesit is much easier for the clients to certify their applications.


Special Features:

  • World Wide Approvals
  • A high Efficiency that reaches up to 95%
  • High resistance of shock and vibration.
  • All products are equipped with Long-Life-Capacitors
  • Modifications of Standard Power Supplies available.
  • Fast Disposability and advantageous cost
  • Developments and Approvals



  •  Open frame
  •  Industrial case
  •  Open card

Data are updated...

Power Supplies Output Power Output Current Output Voltage Tech.
NEW PRODUKT DDP400 400 W 5200 ~ 33300 mArms 12 ~ 48 Vdc CVS view

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