DC/DC converters

DC/DC Converters  are used in industries,
telecommunications and many other applications like measurement, medical and automotive technology
Converters with up to 5,000 VDC isolation, 
between input and output, are used in areas of medical 
and avionics.
 DC/DC converters without galvanic isolation 
are used more and more. 
ue to the high efficiency of 95% you can 
directly create different voltages e.g. to drive the CPU. 
This is creating less lost of voltage caused by less magnetic 
components and less connectors

Industrial, Medical, Telecommunication, Transport etc.

Special Features:

  • high efficiency that reaches up to 97%
  • Insulation resistance up to 6 KV
  • An extensive range of models
  • Modifications of Standard Power Supplies available
  • Fast Disposability and advantageous cost
  • Various designs: SMD and DIP 

Please Select:

  • Car adapter
  • DC/DC converter for PC
  • DC/DC converter for Medical devices
  • DC/DC converter for Industry and Telecommunications



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