LED Lighting - LED Light Engine



Parameter Data
Warranty 24 Months
Operation Temperature -10 ~ 50 °C
Output Power 15 ~ 50 W
Input Voltage 12 Vdc
Input Current 440 ~ 1500 mArms
Technology LED
Features Complete ready to use LED light source.
Integrated electronics for fan and LED.
Constant voltage or constant current drive.
Active cooling, optional passive cooling for low powers only.
Case Engine
Dimensions L x W x H 48,6 x 48,6 x 45 mm
Manufacturer Power Systems & Lumotrix

The Lumotrix LEDengine-C* is a compact high power LED light module with integrated heat-sink, fan and control electronics. The light source of the LEDengine is a Lumotrix LEDisk which is available in a choice of color temperature and CRI with power ratings of 15W, 25W, 35W and 50W.

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