LED Converter - Converter for LED


LED Converters are required to provide the correct current for LCD´s with LED backlight.

Parameter Data
Warranty 24 Months
Voltage Dimming 0 ~ 5 Vdc
Operation Temperature -20 ~ 60 °C
Output Power 22 W
Output Voltage 0 ~ 51 Vdc
Input Voltage 10,8 ~ 13,2 Vdc
Number of Outputs 4
Output Current 120 mArms
Dimming Function Voltage Dimming
Features Wide temperature range
Dimming function over analogue voltage
Wide dimming range
Case Connector Type
Output Connector 53261-1090 (Molex)
Input Connector 53261-1090 (Molex)
Manufacturer Power Systems
Datasheet English PS_PS-LD0401-x-yyy.pdf


This low profile LED-Converter is developed for max 4 LED-lines

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