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DALI Netzteil \ Power Supply 85W 200~1500mA 55Vdc Compact Size


Parameter Data
Warranty 24 Months
Operation Temperature -30 ~ +60 °C
Output Power 85 W
Output Voltage 21 ~ 55 Vdc
Input Voltage 90 ~ 264 Vac
Number of Outputs 1
Output Current 200 ~ 1500 mArms
Technology CCS
Features • Constant Current CC
• Simple and easily assembled poke-in connectors
• Analog current dimming, no PWM dimming
• Emergency voltage: 90 ~ 264 Vac or direct current voltage 150 ~ 300 Vdc
Case Plastic
Manufacturer Power Systems
Datasheet English PS_PS-LEDP85-DALI-C_en.pdf
Datasheet German PS_PS-LEDP85-DALI-C_de.pdf

This LED power supply with DALI interface is designed as a Constant Current Source (CCS). It is able to drive LEDs directly without any additional series resistor.

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