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Newest LEDengine Video from Power Systems

This Video showcases how easy and flexible Power System's LEDengine can be.Every store, every product is unique and all you need is our flexible, reliable and practical LEDengine to show your uniqueness .  you can learn more about our LEDengine by simply watching our Video. more...

Latest Video showcases PS-LEDPlugs from Power Systems

New video from Power Systems showcases its PS-LED plugs. Power Systems exhibits in its new video how easy and fast it is to change the LED output current of the LED control gear and adjust luminance with its patented PS-LED plugs. With these Power Systems plugs, customers can safely change the output currents of their LED lighting applications even during use. To find out, watch the new video or visit Power Systems on its booth in Bregenz on LED prread more...

Current Catalog of Power Systems

LED Control Gear, LEDengine und innovatives Zubehör

New PS LED TIGER Sharp Zenigata EVAL Kit

Our newly designed EVALUATION Kit control for Sharp TIGER Zenigata LED provides you an easyread more...

LED Power Supply Catalog

Power Systems has again shown a sign of new developments of their LED Power Suppliesread more...

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