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Our Employees 

Well educated employees are the surety of good technical implementations of all requirments and activities in a company. We have achieved this target by giving consistent trainings in all divisions to our employees.

To Live Quality

With our approved quality management we can achieve the continious growing demands of quality and reliability for our products.
Our „Power Systems Quality Promise“ includes all areas from Sales Department to After Sales support.
We have been continiously approved by our customers from medical, avionics and industrial area. This shows that our competence is approved by third parties.

Our Customers

The base of a trustworthy business relationship is formed by Consistent Customer Orientation and Utmost Flexibility.
Thereforewe place emphasis on an open and fair exchange of information with our Customers and Business Partners.

Challenging but Attainable Goals

Because of our own Resaerch and  Development Department, focused investment, therefore, we are able to optimize our prodution and facility
equipment plus high Qualifications and motivations from our employees we are assured that we can achieve our Business Goals:

  • Our customers are at the heart of our Business Operations
  • We offer our customers complete solutions
  • Our success is to be able to offer our customers the highest possible quality products and building
    trustworthy cooperation relationship with our customers
  • Our use of certified raw materials, continous Researchs and Developments and the willingness, ability to develop new applications in other areas consequented the increasing success of our company
  • Our customers are the centre of our acting.
  • We will provite our customers the best service.
  • We will achieve our target and success with the best performance and quality of our products and a good relationship with our customers.
  • Research and development, use of approved and tested components and as well the will to be open for new technologies and markets are the base for a good company success.

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